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Wow! I am not even sure where to start?!?!?!? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this session for many reasons. First off, what a great couple. They were so relaxed for the session, and enjoyed the time they got to spend together. I could really get a sense for the huge amount of respect (and love) they have for each other. Secondly, they had all the special places planned out as to where we would photograph. I LOVE that. They wanted to incorporate both of their family farms and all the unique places on them in their portraits. I was in love with many of the spots and would photograph at them ALL day long if I could (minus having to dodge all the cow patties 😉 And lastly, the weather and lighting couldn’t have been more perfect that day. It was a bit on the chilly side, but the sun was actually shining, and it was beautiful! Did I say how much I LOVED this session???? Ok, enough 🙂 I look forward to capturing their wedding day next summer! Enjoy~

Anna wanted a few in front of what will be their house together 🙂

Such beautiful eyes….

You cant see them here, but there were cows on hill behind them and me, just watching us intently.

This was another very special spot – they are on Baron’s family farm property, and that barn you see in the background? It belongs to Anna’s grandpa. Their properties border each other. How cool is that?

Silhouettes are fun 🙂 

The cows were mooing at us – it was quite funny. And the other funny thing I learned that day – cows are very curious. They followed and watched us if we were in range. Its like we had an audience.

These doors. In the background. I LOVE THEM. We had to incorporate them into some portraits.

If I remember correctly, Anna said that her dad acquired all this old farm equipment from another farm auction he attended. Brought it home and its been in the same spot ever since. I think its all pretty cool!

This post/corner was another special requested spot to photograph at.

If I lived here, I would be in this spot all day. Blanket, coffee, and a good book all in hand!

And yet another requested spot. I must say that walking towards it, it dont look like anything all that special. But, once I got there and got turned towards the light, it was magical, and I can see why Anna loves it. It also happens to be the area that if you sit in that swing, you look out over this area.

Anna – your just simply beautiful. You will make a lovely bride!

One of the final shots of the evening and one of my favorites! Come on?!?!? Cute couple and gorgeous light!

And last but not least, Baron did an amazing job at picking out Anna’s ring all on his own. Its divine!

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