Camden {6months} | Columbus, Indiana Baby Photographer

This little guy is so cute…I can’t take it! He has grown soooo much since his newborn session and I simply love all his baby chub. However, he was being quite stubborn with his smiles during his session. At one point, I just put the camera down and was trying to get him a bit more used to me, so I picked him up and was talking to him. Several times, he would lean into my chest and cuddle me. I could have stopped the whole session right then and went and snuggled with him all day on the couch! lol I sure do miss baby snuggles!

Seriously….couldn’t you just blow raspberries on that belly 🙂

He kept grabbing his hair, and I asked mom if he does that a lot. She said he does it when he gets tired. I love capturing the little unique things that your children do.

Dad got to tickling him and playing with him and finally got some smiles worked out for us 🙂

His yawn says it all……”I’m done”

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