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Every winter during my slow season, I set some business goals and ideas for the following year. Print competition has been on my mind for a year or 2, but I was unsure about entering. A good friend, and fellow professional photographer, encouraged me to enter, so I made 2018 as the year to finally do it! I am glad that I did! It was such a great learning experience and has pushed me to want to do better for the next time I enter, and with my everyday shooting. It forces you to look at your photography from a different perspective, and fine tune your craft. There are 12 elements/criteria that your image is judged upon, and your image is scored based on those elements. While all images will have some of the elements, the best will have ALL of them, and that is what I am working towards. In case any of you are curious, here are the 12 elements:

  • Impact
  • Technical Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Style
  • Composition
  • Presentation
  • Color Balance
  • Center of Interest
  • Lighting 
  • Subject Matter
  • Technique
  • Story Telling
I am pretty happy with the results of my first competition. I entered 4 images, and all four received a ribbon. But there is always room for improvement! I was able to have some one-on-one time with a judge after the competition was over, and she shared with me the pro’s and con’s of my entered images, which was extremely helpful and showed me how to improve for the next time.
So this is my accountability post – I’m putting myself out there in hopes of continuing to improve and grow! And if you read this post – ask me about how I am working on my craft the next time you see me, to keep me accountable! I want to enter another competition and blow these first image scores out of the water!
Here are a few images (iphone, so excuse the quality) from the print competition. Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂 Enjoy~

This is my friend Cindy Dover who encouraged me and helped me to enter. She has been doing print comp for a longer period of time and she scored really well on her images! Check her out if you are in the Cincinnati, OH or Northern KY area. 

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