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So…..I wanted a way to store all the pictures that I take of my family in a given year, but not in the traditional boring albums. I also needed a way to force myself to actually PRINT many of the images I take, rather than just leaving them on my computer. The thought of having to tuck each individual image into a pocket in an album equated to me lots of frustration. So last year, I thought I would create an image box to store loose 4×6 images from everything I wanted to remember from that given year….birthday party, annual photos, holidays, school events, and much more. Here is the box I created for 2010.

I loved the results! So now its becoming a yearly tradition and I hope to go back and complete the years before 2010 since having my children. And here is my box for 2011 (I actually create the box after the year has ended and order the prints then – its been nice to take a look back over the previous year).

If you are interested in doing a different kind of yearly family “album”, I strongly recommend this route. I can create a beautiful image box for you with images from a session, and you can then take it home and fill it with all your images of your family for that year. This particular size will hold up to 400 prints – and even I don’t have them 100% full!!!!! There are smaller sizes too, so it would depend on how many pictures you think you would take in a year! Or you could even create on for each child and fill them with small momentos through their life! the possibilities are truly endless.
Feel free to email me at to find out more info or to get yours started today!

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