Hello There,

I'm Christina.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. At one point when I was much younger, I wanted to work for Time Magazine - traveling around and photographing the globe. (I still would today only if I get to take my family with me!) So in the meantime, I love capturing the world around me in my small community - whether it be people, places, or things. My work is not only featured in many clients' homes, but also in numerous community publications, as artwork in local businesses, and has won several photo contests (most recently the Indiana State Dept. of Agriculture).


I love my loyal clients, and I look forward to meeting new ones. Time flies by all too quickly, and having great quality portraits of your loved ones to look back on is a gift that I enjoy providing. Seeing a mom tear up over her child's senior portraits(in a good way), or hearing them say they are beyond ecstatic with their images, is what I strive for!


A few things about me:

·Outnumbered in my home with my husband and 3 boys

· Peanut butter anything – it is a bad addiction

· Traveling is something I don’t get enough of

· Sunrises & Sunsets are my jam, and morning fog

· Weightlifting is good for my soul

· Antique stores are a fun pastime


I have to give a big THANK YOU to my husband John! He is my biggest supporter, and I couldn’t pursue this business without him!


I love hiking or biking

When given the choice, I always pick going hiking or for bike rides with my crew.

Claire is my best friend

She is ALWAYS by my side, and ready to fend for me. She loves belly rubs and any adventures outside.

FALL Should Be all year

Its my favorite season - crisp cool air, the colors, bonfires & sweatshirts.

Christmas Light Extraordinaire's

My husband puts out a huge Christmas light display and we all get drafted to help.


Contact Us


Telephone: 812.447.5820